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Why Dog Daycare?
For many of us, our dogs are our children.  No matter how much "quality time" we spend with them, we cannot escape those big, sad eyes when we leave for work or school.  Dogs are pack animals and being social is an essential part of a healthy dog's life.  At daycare, your pup will enjoy the day playing with friends instead of sitting home bored, lonely and sometimes even a little destructive.

Why Puppy Playground?
At Puppy Playground, your best friend can play in a safe, neutral and fun environment while being supervised by our dog-loving staff.  We offer a cage-free environment where our guests play freely.  We have a heated/air-conditioned indoor playroom with separate areas for large and small dogs.  The floor in the playroom is covered with rubber matting to provide a safe and sanitary surface that is easy on your dog's joints and paws.  There is a large, fenced outdoor play area for potty breaks, some fresh air and even a splash in our wading pool during hot weather.

Playtime at the Playground?!

Calling all canines!  Bring your humans to play together, socialize with other people and dogs, and have a great time no matter what the weather.  Three hours of fun for only $5.00!  Every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to Noon.  No reservations required.  Please bring vaccination records.

What is Self-Serve Dog Wash?
Puppy Playground offers specially-designed, elevated dog bathtubs.  There are ramps so your best friend can climb right into the tub, as well as a tether so he or she won't jump out in the middle of the bath.  No more back strain from bending over the bathtub, holding the pup with one hand and trying to soap and rinse with the other.  We provide a variety of shampoos and conditioners, towels, dryer time and even an apron so you don't have to take a bath too.  Best of all...leave the mess to us!

Puppy Playground
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